Friday, April 1, 2011

Lemon Pepper Garlic Chicken Alfredo with Red Peppers

For too long, even in the glory of Latveria, the home oven has been reduced to a simple function by the peasantry. They mindlessly use it to bake. Latveria virtually drowns in a sea of casseroles, for which assuredly The Accursed Richards is rightfully to blame. Doom shall not suffer another casserole. This swears Doom!

I bid all my subjects to behold the wonder that is the broil function. Observe how it quickly heats your meager sustenance with an exquisite char, especially those Doom has blessed with gas ovens. No, no, not those gas ovens, my fellow Latverians. Fear not. Doom seeks to grill, not to kill. This night, anyway. Doom bequeaths to you the miracle of Doom's Lemon Pepper Garlic Chicken Alfredo with Red Peppers. Attend me!

First, Doom commands you to bring a pasta pot to a boil. Doom uses his mighty power gauntlets for this task as Doom will not bide his time for boiling water.

Doom then commands you to baste two chicken breasts in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, cracked black pepper, and two minced cloves of garlic. Adhere the glaze with a pastry brush.

Doom commands you to set the broiler on high and insert the chicken in a drip-pan. Doom bestowed to you all these drip-pans for Christmas so there are no excuses for you to lack them. Failure to use drip-pans will be met by my Doombots.

Doom commands you to put three cups of penne pasta into the boiling water. Add salt, curs!

Doom commands you to flip and baste the chicken after seven minutes. Stir the pasta lest it adheres to the pot.

Doom commands you to chop one red pepper into bite-size chunks and simmer over low heat with olive oil and kosher salt.

Doom commands you to heat up one half jar of alfredo sauce on low heat. Do not allow sauce to boil. That Accursed Richards somehow made Doom lactose intolerant, and only retail brands allow Doom his beloved alfredo sauce without committing him to hours upon the Doompotty. RICHARDS!!!

Doom commands you to mind the pasta. When it reaches peak density, drain. Add pasta to alfredo sauce, close lid, and shake to coat noodles.

Doom commands you to remove the chicken when done and plate. Cover in noodles. Add last the peppers.

Doom commands you to savor.

Doom prefers to quench his thirst with Flying Dog beer, and you would be wise to follow in Doom's path. Very wise indeed.

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